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Areas We Cover In Kent

Explore our extensive coverage across Kent, encompassing:

  • Maidstone: Including Bearsted, Loose, and Coxheath.
  • Canterbury: Serving the historic city and surrounding areas such as Whitstable, Herne Bay, and Sturry.
  • Medway: Providing services to Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, and Strood.
  • Sittingbourne: Including nearby towns such as  Faversham and Teynham.
  • Ashford: Covering Ashford and its environs, including Ashford International, Willesborough, and Kingsnorth.
  • Tonbridge: Serving Tonbridge and nearby towns like Hildenborough and East Peckham.
  • Tunbridge Wells: Including areas such as Southborough and Pembury.
  • Folkestone: Including nearby locations like Hythe and Sandgate.
  • Dover: Including the areas of Deal, Walmer, and St. Margaret's Bay.
  • Sevenoaks: Including Westerham, Edenbridge, and Otford.

No matter where you are in Kent, HQ Cabling Services will be able to deliver electrical solutions tailored to your needs.

What people say?

Robert Knevitt
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"HQ Cabling services Ltd installed a lot of cabling for us, always provide a great professional service so we will continue to use him in the future. Very happy to recommend them for all of their services."
Jason, Facilities Management
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"HQ Cabling Services were contacted when a change of plan during the project meant we needed network cabling installed and terminated between two additional network switches and numerous floor boxes. Greg responded promptly and arranged a site visit. HQ cabling then proceeded to complete the work to a high standard and within the tight time scale we had to prevent delays in the project workflow. HQ Cabling Services delivered a professional, dependable service and we would be eager to use again in the future."
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“HQ Cabling Services, and in particular Greg, took all the hassle out of a whole board room AV/Projector replacement project. The team were extremely knowledgeable and giving us multiple solutions all whilst accommodating our budget requirements. The installation work was carried out to a very high standard and finished promptly. I will most certainly be using HQ Cabling Services again in the near future.”

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Why Choose HQ Cabling Services for Electrical Services in Kent?

Choose HQ Cabling Services for your electrical requirements in Kent because:

  1. Experience excellence with our consistently professional and friendly service.
  2. Take advantage of our free site surveys, quotations, and expert advice.
  3. Have confidence in our commitment to delivering quality, efficiency, and reliability on every project.
  4. Benefit from over 18 years of industry experience, ensuring expertise and results.

Electrical Contractors In Kent

Known for its picturesque countryside, historic landmarks such as Canterbury Cathedral, and bustling towns such as Maidstone and Medway, Kent also offers a dynamic environment for businesses and residents. As a leading electrical contractor in Kent, we pride ourselves on providing reliable and efficient electrical solutions tailored to the needs of this region.

What Types Of Electrical Services Do We Offer In Kent?

HQ Cabling Services in Kent offer a range of electrical services from installations to maintenance and repairs, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your electrical and business needs.

Commercial Electrical Services

We specialise in commercial electrical services for businesses, providing installations, maintenance, and upgrades to ensure efficient power distribution and compliance with industry regulations. Our tailored solutions are designed to improve productivity and safety in commercial environments.

Industrial Electrical Services

Our industrial electrical services provide comprehensive solutions tailored to manufacturing plants, factories, and industrial facilities. With a focus on robust power systems and machine integration, we ensure operation, reliability, and compliance with stringent safety standards in industrial environments.

Electrical Installation

Our electrical installation services include the installation and setup of electrical systems, fixtures, and equipment, ensuring functionality and compliance with industry standards. With a focus on precision and efficiency, we deliver reliable installations that meet our customers' specific requirements.

LED Lighting

Our LED lighting service provides energy efficient lighting solutions tailored to improve illumination while reducing power consumption and maintenance costs. With advanced technology and versatile designs, we offer environmentally friendly lighting options that create optimal brightness and ambience for different environments.

Wiring/Rewiring Repairs

Our wiring/rewiring repair service diagnoses and rectifies electrical wiring problems ensuring safety and functionality in residential, commercial, or industrial environments. With attention to detail, we address faults and damage and implement durable solutions to maintain reliable electrical systems.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

Our energy efficiency solutions focus on reducing energy consumption and costs through the implementation of innovative technologies and practices such as intelligent lighting controls and renewable energy integration. We tailor solutions to improve efficiency and sustainability while minimising environmental impact.


Our maintenance service includes regular inspection, testing, and servicing of electrical systems to prevent breakdowns, ensure compliance with safety regulations, and extend the life of equipment. With proactive scheduling and prompt response, we minimise disruption and optimise system performance for our customers.

Installing Communication Systems

Communications systems installation involves the provision and integration of network infrastructure, including data cabling, Wi-Fi networks, and telecommunications systems, to facilitate connectivity and improve communications efficiency within organisations.

Electrical Upgrades

Our electrical upgrade service involves improving existing electrical systems with the latest components, technologies, and safety features, ensuring improved performance, energy efficiency, and compliance with current regulations, and future-proofing your electrical infrastructure for changing needs and advances.

Electrical Panels

Our electrical panel service specialises in the installation, upgrade, and maintenance of distribution boards or circuit breaker panels, central components that control and distribute electricity throughout buildings, ensuring efficient power distribution, safety, and easy access for circuit management and troubleshooting.

We will always offer A professional & friendly service

Free no obligation site surveys, quotations & advice

we deliver Quality, efficiency & reliability on all projects

we are very Proud to have over 18 year’s experience in the industry

Electrical Services Safety And Compliance In Kent

Ensuring electrical safety and compliance involves adherence to regulatory standards, comprehensive inspections, and implementing safety protocols to protect people and property.


Our inspection service provides a thorough assessment and evaluation of electrical systems, identifying potential hazards, code violations, and areas for improvement to ensure compliance, safety, and optimum performance, providing clients with detailed reports and recommendations for action.


Our licensing service ensures that all electrical work carried out is legally compliant and meets the regulatory requirements, providing clients with peace of mind and the assurance that their projects are being carried out by qualified professionals who adhere to industry standards and regulations.


Our certification service ensures that electrical installations and systems comply with specific standards and regulations, providing clients with official documentation that demonstrates compliance, enhances credibility, and ensures the safety and reliability of their electrical infrastructure.


Our regulatory services ensure strict adherence to legal requirements and industry standards for electrical installations, ensuring that all work meets safety standards, complies with relevant legislation, and minimises the risk of hazards or accidents, protecting people and property.

Best Practices

Our best practice service involves implementing industry-leading standards and methodologies in all aspects of electrical work to ensure optimum efficiency, safety, and reliability, and to provide clients with top-quality solutions that meet the highest professional standards and deliver lasting results.

Electrical Service Estimation Services In Kent

Whether you're planning a new installation, upgrade, or repair, our Electrical Estimation Service will provide a detailed quote tailored to your needs, ensuring transparency and confidence in your project planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs about electrical services in Kent. If there's anything else you would like to know, please get in touch.

The electrical installation process involves laying wiring, connecting outlets and switches, establishing grounding systems, and installing a consumer unit or fuse box.

Electrical installation is crucial for ensuring safe and reliable access to electricity in homes, buildings, and infrastructure. It enables the functioning of various electrical appliances and systems essential for daily life, such as lighting, heating, cooling, communication devices, and machinery. Proper electrical installation also helps prevent hazards like electrical shocks, fires, and equipment damage. Additionally, compliant installations adhere to regulatory standards, promoting energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Common types of electrical installations include residential and commercial setups. Residential installations cater to homes, while commercial installations serve businesses and public spaces.

When installing an electrical system, prioritise safety by:

  1. Powering off circuits before working.
  2. Avoiding contact with live wires.
  3. Using appropriate tools and materials.
  4. Ensuring proper wiring and components.
  5. Installing junction boxes.
  6. Replacing deteriorated wiring.
  7. Addressing fuse and breaker issues.
  8. Preventing circuit overloads.

Commercial electrical installation project durations vary based on factors like project scope, size, complexity, and scheduling. However, they often range from several weeks to a few months. It's essential to consult with electrical contractors for accurate estimates tailored to specific project requirements.

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About HQ Cabling Services

With over 18 years of dynamic experience in the cabling industry, HQ Cabling Services Ltd has been a reliable partner to its clients in providing connectivity and technological solutions. Based in East Malling, Kent our client base stretches across the south east of England, London, and the UK with many projects undertaken across the country.

HQ Cabling Services specialises in a wide range of design, supply, install, and support services including fibre optic systems, audio visual solutions, structured network cabling, CCTV services and much more.

Check out all our specific services through the following distinct areas: 

Within these areas, clients can enjoy a wide range of other activities and services at affordable costs.

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