HQ Cabling Services Ltd are an authorised Ajax system installer specialising in designing and installing smart wireless alarm systems which suits your home or business most advanced way. HQ offer the latest technology smart wireless systems helping you prevent the preventable with cost efficient pricing.

What We Offer You

If you are looking for a wireless smart alarm system, HQ Cabling Services Ltd is the right choice. Our services have been consistently used in various sectors and environments if you need advice or system demonstrations you can trust us to help.

A wireless alarm system has lots of benefits. It is smarter, safer, and more efficient than traditional systems giving you and up to 100 users full notifications and control of your security system, allowing you to have real-time awareness from your premises.

Wireless devices with up to 7-year battery life makes our systems cost effective allowing reduced installation time, cost, and disruption. Our smart systems allow additional third-party system monitoring, granted installer web system access and CCTV integration upgrading your security outlook.

Is an alarm system worth it?

An alarm system is a worthy investment for the security of your business. An alarm system gives you peace of mind while you are away from business property. 60% of would-be thieves will stay away from your property if you have an alarm system. They deter repeat burglaries, and they come in different price ranges. You can always find something within your budget limits.

What are smart alarms?

A smart alarm system is a security system that relies on wireless technology. It works with mobile phones and other smart devices. You can customize a smart security system to suit your needs. You have full control over your security. The main benefit of smart alarms is that they allow you to monitor your home through your smartphone. You can monitor your property security from any part of the world.

Why use HQ Cabling Services for smart wireless security systems?

The main reason to hire HQ Cabling Services for your wireless home alarm system is their reliability. We have friendly and reliable members of staff, and our service is always professional. Even though we are based in Maidstone, we can offer services in Kent, London, and the areas around it.

Maintenance and Servicing

Maintenance/Servicing packages are available to all clients giving full assurance their systems are continuously look after.

Additional loan systems are available for hire, please get in contact.

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Areas We Cover

At HQ Cabling Services we cover all areas across the UK.

Although we are Maidstone based and carry out most of our jobs in Kent, London and the surrounding areas, we also undertake jobs from all around the country!

If you have any questions, require a free no obligation quote please get in contact with us by either giving us a call or filling out on of our contact forms.

To find out if we can carry out work in your area, please call 020 3813 1554

hq cabling services cover all over the uk

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