A wireless network entails the use of a wireless data connection in a computer network by linking nodes. The increased flexibility, efficiency and cost savings associated with Wireless Networking means big benefits for you and your business.

What do we offer?

HQ supply, design and install full wireless systems to suit all requirements. With everyday needs for smartphones, audio visual equipment, printers, laptops and much more the need for high quality wireless connectivity means wireless networking systems are essential to you and your site. We provide many solutions for wireless connectivity allowing you extend your network beyond a single site building allowing you to link multiple outbuildings, public spaces, CCTV systems and much more connecting you and users to your network fast and secure.

  • Internal Wireless Systems
  • External Wireless AP connectivity
  • Point to Point Wireless Bridge Links

How does wireless networking work?

A wireless network works in a two-way principle just like a radio. Data for transmission undergoes changes using the computer wireless adapter to radio signals. These signals undergo transfer by the use of an antenna until they reach the wireless router. The router decodes the message and then send it to the internet via Ethernet cable. Likewise, the router gets a signal from the internet and send them to the computer.

Steps on how to install the wireless network;

1. Router installation

Before connecting, you should ensure that the power is off the cable or DSL modem from your internet service provider. After this, you will need to join the router to your modem using a WAN port located at the back of the router.

2. Connecting the router to your laptop or computer

An Ethernet cable connects PC to the router. It helps in adjusting wireless settings without losing the router internet connections.

3. Installation and configuration of the router

Check whether the router comes with wireless network installation features. If they are missing, proceed to install the router software and configure the router.

4. Securing the wireless network installation services

Wireless networks come with a booklet guide on how to install wireless network that will state that you set a strong password after the installation process.

5. PC connection to the wireless network

All the wireless network installation services work towards one goal. It allows usage of the internet from one single source that is the router. Thus, having completed the installation, connect your devices to the network.

Where do we use wireless networks?

Our security camera systems are unmatched, whether it’s our home security systems or those security systems for your business premises or work site. You’ll be able to see who’s coming and going with no problem. We use the latest technology in intruder alarms. If you have an intruder, you’ll be the first to know besides the local police station. We provide gates and barriers for home and for your business premises. Using the latest technology, we can ensure the absolute safety of both your home and business premises.

Why use HQ Cabling Services for wireless networking services?

We have vast experience in the market on wireless installation facilities, including design, and implementation. At HQ we listen to our customers needs and provide an in-depth solution for the site and their users. Whether you require a full site wireless deployment or just additional access points HQ will help. 

Areas We Cover

At HQ Cabling Services we cover all areas across the UK.

Although we are Maidstone based and carry out most of our jobs in Kent, London and the surrounding areas, we also undertake jobs from all around the country!

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