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Enhance business safety and connectivity with cutting-edge commercial security solutions in Kent, integrating advanced technology to keep businesses secure and up-to-date.

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Robert Knevitt
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"HQ Cabling services Ltd installed a lot of cabling for us, always provide a great professional service so we will continue to use him in the future. Very happy to recommend them for all of their services."
Jason, Facilities Management
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"HQ Cabling Services were contacted when a change of plan during the project meant we needed network cabling installed and terminated between two additional network switches and numerous floor boxes. Greg responded promptly and arranged a site visit. HQ cabling then proceeded to complete the work to a high standard and within the tight time scale we had to prevent delays in the project workflow. HQ Cabling Services delivered a professional, dependable service and we would be eager to use again in the future."
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“HQ Cabling Services, and in particular Greg, took all the hassle out of a whole board room AV/Projector replacement project. The team were extremely knowledgeable and giving us multiple solutions all whilst accommodating our budget requirements. The installation work was carried out to a very high standard and finished promptly. I will most certainly be using HQ Cabling Services again in the near future.”

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Do You Offer Security Systems For Businesses In Kent?

Yes, we offer comprehensive security systems for businesses in Kent, a picturesque county located in southeastern England known for its beautiful countryside, historic towns like Canterbury and Rochester, and stunning coastline along the English Channel. Kent is bordered by Greater London to the northwest, making it a strategic location for businesses seeking innovative security solutions in this vibrant region.

Do You Offer Commercial Security System Installation?

Yes, we offer professional commercial security system installation services in Kent to help businesses enhance their safety and protection.

Commercial security system installation involves the setup and implementation of advanced security technologies tailored specifically for businesses, ensuring comprehensive coverage and effective protection against potential threats.

What Types Of Security Systems Do You Offer?

See our range of security solutions designed to safeguard your business in Kent, including a variety of advanced security systems tailored to meet your specific needs and provide peace of mind.

Security Systems For Commercial Property

Security systems for commercial property are comprehensive solutions designed to protect businesses from unauthorised access, theft, and vandalism, utilising features such as access control systems with keycard entry, CCTV surveillance cameras for real-time monitoring, and alarm systems linked to security monitoring services for immediate response to threats.

Security Systems For Industrial Property

Security systems for industrial property are specialized solutions aimed at safeguarding large-scale facilities and manufacturing plants, incorporating features like industrial-grade CCTV cameras with infrared capabilities for low-light environments, perimeter intrusion detection systems, and access control systems to restrict entry to sensitive areas.

CCTV Security Systems

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) security systems are video surveillance systems that use cameras to monitor and record activities within a specific area, incorporating features like high-definition cameras with remote viewing capabilities.


  • Deterrence of criminal activities
  • Continuous monitoring and recording
  • Remote access for real-time viewing

Security Camera Systems

Security camera systems are electronic setups consisting of cameras that capture and record video footage to monitor and enhance security in various locations, often incorporating features like motion detection technology.


  • Continuous surveillance and monitoring
  • Deterrence of criminal activities
  • Remote access for real-time viewing

Security Alarm Systems

Security alarm systems are electronic devices designed to detect and alert users to unauthorised entry or security threats using sensors and alarms, often including features like wireless connectivity for remote monitoring and control.


  • Immediate detection of intrusions
  • Deterrence of unauthorised access
  • Peace of mind for property owners

Burglar Alarms For Business

Burglar alarms for businesses are security systems designed to detect and alert against unauthorised entry or intrusion into commercial premises using sensors and alarms, often featuring key fob arming/disarming capabilities.


  • Immediate detection of break-ins
  • Sirens and alerts for quick response
  • Enhanced security for business assets

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are security solutions that regulate and manage entry to buildings or specific areas using technologies such as card readers or biometric scanners.


  • Enhanced security by restricting unauthorised access
  • Improved safety for employees and visitors
  • Detailed access logs for monitoring and accountability

Video Security Systems

Video security systems are comprehensive setups using cameras to monitor and record video footage for security purposes, often incorporating features like high-resolution cameras with night vision capabilities.


  • Continuous monitoring and surveillance
  • Deterrence of criminal activities
  • Remote access for real-time viewing

Perimeter Security Systems

Perimeter security systems are designed to protect the outer boundaries of a property or facility using various technologies, such as fences, sensors, and cameras, to detect and deter intruders.


  • Early detection of unauthorised access
  • Enhanced security for property boundaries
  • Prevention of intrusions into restricted areas

Door Security Systems

Door security systems are electronic devices installed on doors to control access and enhance security, often featuring features like electronic locks or access control readers.


  • Improved control over door access
  • Enhanced security against unauthorised entry
  • Integration with overall security systems

Security Gate Systems

Security gate systems are physical barriers equipped with automated controls to regulate access to a property or premises, often incorporating features like vehicle detection sensors for automated entry and exit.


  • Enhanced security by controlling entry points
  • Deterrence of unauthorised access
  • Improved traffic management

Intercom Security Systems

Intercom security systems are communication devices that allow two-way audio or video communication between individuals at different locations, commonly used at entry points like gates or doors.


  • Enhanced communication for visitor screening
  • Improved access control and convenience
  • Increased security by verifying identities

Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems are integrated setups that use wireless technology to communicate between components such as sensors, cameras, and control panels without the need for hardwired connections.


  • Easy installation without wiring complexities
  • Flexibility in system placement and expansion
  • Remote access and control via smartphone or computer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs about security services in Kent. If there's anything else you would like to know, please get in touch.

The cost of commercial security systems in the UK typically ranges from £1,000 to £10,000 or more, depending on the size of the property, specific security needs, and the complexity of the system.

Benefits (Pros):

  • Enhanced protection against theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access
  • Deterrence of criminal activities due to visible security measures
  • Remote monitoring and real-time alerts for peace of mind
  • Potential reduction in insurance premiums
  • Increased safety for employees and customers

Considerations (Cons):

  • Initial cost of installation and equipment
  • Ongoing maintenance and occasional system updates
  • Potential for false alarms requiring attention
  • Dependence on electricity and internet connectivity

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With over 18 years of dynamic experience in the cabling industry, HQ Cabling Services Ltd has been a reliable partner to its clients in providing connectivity and technological solutions. Based in East Malling, Kent our client base stretches across the south east of England, London, and the UK with many projects undertaken across the country.

HQ Cabling Services specialises in a wide range of design, supply, install, and support services including fibre optic systems, audio visual solutions, structured network cabling, CCTV services and much more.

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